About the group

Meltal Group skupaj s svojimi podjetji v Sloveniji in tujini sodi v krog najpomembnejših podjetij, ki se ukvarjajo s trženjem barvnih kovin, nepremičnin in starodobnikov.

Mission and vision

Meltal Group aims to remain one of the leading Slovenian companies in the field of non-ferrous metals.

In the framework of the sales program of Metrapan, we provide a comprehensive and specialised offer of roofing and facade panels, roofing and cladding products, fastening material and load-bearing trapezoidal sheets.

We would like to continue to provide quality and expert services and to comprehensively respond to the needs and wishes of our customers both at home and abroad.

We aim to provide friendly and expert services, thus creating customer satisfaction.

We will continue to ensure long-term positive relationships with business partners which are based on trust, respect and positive attitude.

Scrap materials

We are experts in the field of processing of non-ferrous waste metals. Meltal IS generates 80% of its turnover from the sale of scrap metal, particularly aluminium and other non-ferrous metals. We are a leading company in this field in Slovenia and we annually sell and process more than 40,000 tons of scrap metal. We have a recycling-processing plant in Slovenja vas near Ptuj, Slovenia, and collection points in Kranj, Maribor and Ljubljana. We purchase metals in the larger part of Europe at the highest market prices according to the daily LME (London Metal Exchange). We purchase, collect, sort and process your metals, and prepare them for further processing, e.g. as castings for the largest European foundries. Our mission is to recycle as much of the scrap metal as possible and to return it back to reuse.


The brand Metrapan is Meltal’s own trademark, which we began to develop in 1999. We sell integrated roofing and facade solutions under the Metrapan brand. In cooperation with the world’s largest and most renowned manufacturers in this field, we offer our partners consulting and tailored products which make it possible for contractors to optimally equip various buildings. Metrapan, roof and facade tailored to your needs.

Non-ferrous metals

In the field of metal trading, we are one of the most important Slovenian companies dealing with metal sale and processing. Our rich assortment includes all kinds of non-ferrous metals in various shapes as well as galvanised and cold-rolled sheet which we cut to requested dimensions at our cutting-winding centre.

Business center

The Meltal Business Centre is a modern business centre in the city of Maribor. Various high-tech, creative, manufacturing, start-up and catering companies have found their home in our business centre with its 18,000 m2 of area. The business centre has an extremely attractive location, excellent traffic connections and is accessible with public transport. The centre has a large parking area in the garage and in the open. The Meltal Business Centre is turning into the first choice for business premises and opportunities in Maribor due to its flexibility, diversity of offer, efficient services and connected business community.

GOODTIMERS – Old-timers

Classic cars are our passion. We love their timeless beauty and are excited of the technical perfection hidden under the hood. By carefully selecting the best (premium) renowned masterpieces from the automotive history, we are giving you a chance of owning and experiencing your dreams. If you would like to rent a car, we offer a wide selection of selected and well-maintained classic cars, our so called GOODTIMERS. The Goodtimers Team is convinced that our cars are in a way monuments of their age that will stand the test of time. Therefore, we believe that “we are not old, our best time is yet to come.

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